Travel – Seeking the Hidden

I have to admit that I have a weakness for the unexpected.

You think you know something – a city’s character, or a person’s traits, or even yourself. How something looks on a daily basis, the things someone likes and what they say, the way you think you might react to certain situations. But there is quite often something hidden and unexpected in everything. You turn a corner, and your unsuspecting mind is shown something new. 

In the midst of the city, commercial banks, and intimidating skyscrapers, there it was – a sanctuary where nature completely took center stage.We wandered into this dilapidated church with disbelief. How can something like this exist in the midst of an urbanised metropolis? 

The ceaseless hum of cars, trains and cargo ships faded away as we stepped through the arches of what once were stained glass windows. 

An immediate feeling of peace, comfort, and belonging came over me, more so than in any church I’d ever entered. 

When you find what is hidden, it can make you feel more at home. 

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