Moments – Cityscapes seen from up high

There is something particularly captivating about getting up to a high point like a hill, mountain or skyscraper and being able to look down and observe the landscape below, especially when it is a city. It seems rather strange at first because you realise you were part of the hustling nucleus beneath you and now you seem so far removed from it. And really, it all just feels so small, a little bubble of a world in itself that is not so hard to escape.

Escaping the busy city of Seoul to come up to the cherry-blossom filled Namsan tower park really made me realise this. I think the dog called Coffee I met had a similar experience when he was lifted from the ground by his owners.


And this realisation, the fact that your worries and problems can diminish significantly once you shift perspective, is at once comforting and liberating.

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