Untranslatable Words – Cwtch

Cwtch (pronounced kutch) is an affectionate Welsh word used to describe a feeling of  warm safety, a protective kind of loving feeling. This could be the feeling one gets during a snug, comforting hug, denoting the space produced between you and another when hugging.

It can also be used to describe a sanctuary, a welcoming place, both in the physical and emotional realms. The former can be a cosy corner in your home, a rug by the fireplace, a comfortable armchair, the little nook in the attic you would climb into as a child, or the cupboard under the stairs where you could store your treasures safely.

Emotionally, it is a safe space where you feel like you can be vulnerable, opening up to another person and letting them open up to you. This environment allows you to be intimately earnest  to a point where you can completely be yourself, without judgement.


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