Moments – Sun-filled Breakfasts


Summer morning. When you wake up it is already light outside, as the sun has been up for a couple of hours already. It has not warmed up just yet, and the coolness of the night still lingers hesitantly in the air, as though reluctant to let the day take over.

Even the shadows are still blurry and soft, lacking the distinct outline of separation they develop later in the day. When you step outside into the crisp morning air, the world seems to be waking up as well.

Flowers open up after their slumber, bees take off with a low hum which later escalates into a busy buzz, and you can just make out the cackling of the seagulls in the distance.

While the water boils for tea, you slice a lemon which gives off a citrusy, zesty aroma which immediately lifts you out of your dreamy state and wakes you up properly. The fresh pastries you put out in a basket are golden, buttery, and flaky, still warm from the baker’s oven.

The oranges, nectarines, peaches, and apricots are the most vibrant fruits you’ve seen in a while, and you can taste from their juicy sweetness that they were grown in sun-drenched orchards not too far away.

You sit enjoying all this on a rooftop terrace, bathing in the sun’s still gentle morning rays, sharing this blissful moment with your loved ones, realising that there really isn’t much more you could wish for.

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