Untranslatable words – Kwadi

Kwadi ( n. / kwa.di / kwah-dee) is a Hunsrik word which means the laziness one feels after warming oneself in the sun on cold days. Hunsrik is a language spoken in Brazil derived from a West Central Germanic dialect which developed when German immigrants settled in southern regions of Brazil in the 1800s. 

I felt this word was relevant for the current season, with the Spring Equinox which happened just last week. This time simultaneously energises and relaxes me, because I know that each year, after around the 20th of March, the days starts getting longer than the nights, and whilst I enjoy each season for what is is, part of me rejoices that summer is around the corner, and that the longest and darkest winter nights are behind us.

Sunshine finally feels warm, not simply bright. There is no feeling like being reunited with this summery side of the sun which comes out in early spring and leaves in late autumn.

Even through closed windows I can feel the sun’s rays pleasantly warm my skin, and my mind wanders to the balmy summer days that lie ahead.

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