Daily Magic – Freezing Ocean Dips

Once we arrived at the shore I could not ignore the feeling that the ocean was within reach, with the breeze brushing my face and the salty air seeping into my lungs.

It gave off a powerful energy which seemed to pull me towards it, and it was as though my feet began walking towards it on their own accord.

The surroundings ochre cliffs sheltered the beach and the seagulls whirled around it like vultures who had found the prettiest prey they had ever laid eyes on.

Before I knew it I felt sand between my toes and the pleasant glow of the sun on my skin.

After taking a deep gulp of air, I ran into the ocean as fast as my feet would take me, before I could change my mind about plunging into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean first thing in the morning.

At first I felt my body undergo a state of shock as the water stung my skin with its frigid grip, so much so that the nerves along my spine began to tingle, knocking the breath out of me in an instant.

Yet after a minute of discomfort, I felt my muscles adjust, melting and morphing to the rhythm of the waves.

My breath returned, deeper and purer than before.

I did not feel cold anymore – I just felt more alive.


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