Travel – Exploring the Familiar

Travel can take on many different forms. It does not always need to be an exotic destination from a postcard, or somewhere you need to take the plane, ship, or train to. Sometimes, the best transport are your feet, your heart, and your mind.


Your feet can take you to so many places you thought you knew, but really have not explored. They might take you to that abandoned building people have forgotten about, or to an old library you have never really noticed, or maybe just to the other side of the canal you never usually cross. And when you come to these new places, your perspective on the place you thought you knew shifts and expands. The place you once knew is not the same again.

Your heart will lead you to places you may not have intended to go to. It can make you grow and change in ways you may not have imagined. And it is only when you look back at the past that you realise that the person you once were is no more – you have evolved and adapted to the environment, as all living things do to survive.

The mind is another beautiful thing. Your imagination can take you anywhere you wish. Books let you travel through time, meet people you have never seen, and explore the minds of others.

The beauty of exploring the familiar, the near, and the dear is that you never know what you might discover, or re-discover. Have you ever re-visited an old playground you used to go to as a child, only to find out that everything looks so much smaller than it does in you memories? It is not the place that changes, but it is you. And after this transformation the place will not feel the same way again.

Expect the unexpected and you might be pleasantly surprised.


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