Moments – Reunited


One of my favourite moments I have ever witnessed happened when I was volunteering in Thailand a few summers ago. It was in an elephant conservation park, where every morning herds of elephants would be let out of their night enclosures. They would run enthusiastically towards each other, hooting their trunks and causing the most marvellous cacophony you could ever hear. Their excitement was contagious and did not falter from morning to morning.

The joy they felt when seeing each other again, even after being a few hours apart, really made everyone smile. These animals had an abundance of love and were not in the slightest afraid to show it.

Elephants have impressive memories, and when you looked into their eyes you could see they were very wise and understood perhaps more than humans ever will.

One of the best feelings is to be reunited with someone after a long time of being apart, and discovering that nothing much has changed between you. Deep down, the connection is still there.

And we should address the elephant in the room – animals feel these emotions as well. They are no less conscious than us. They simply do not have the means of communicating their thoughts and emotions to us in a way that we can fully comprehend.

Now more than ever I feel that we, as human species, need to show kindness and compassion to those who cannot speak for themselves. We share this planet with so many other beautiful creatures yet manage to forget this and focus only on our own quality of life, economic gains, and technological advancements.

If you would like to help save such beautiful creatures like my ele-friends here, check out the link below – it is a campaign to help stop the slaughter and mistreatment of elephants, and they can use any help they can get. 

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