Moments – Before and After School

One of my most memorable moments from childhood is the way time seemed much longer then. Whilst nowadays weeks fly by at an ever-increasing pace and the gap between each New Year’s celebration shortens, time could stretch on forever back then.

Even when mornings were rushed to get to school by 9 a.m., there was always a moment to catch up with friends in the morning before classes began.


It was a peaceful time to play when the day had not really begun yet.

I had forgotten all about these eternal moments until I came to Cuba and saw once more school children in their uniforms, chatting before and after school, spending time with their classmates instead of stressing out about looming exams and career prospects.

Afternoons were a time to hang around outside as long as possible to avoid going home and having to do homework.

And what I really loved is how there were so many groups of schoolchildren experiencing the same moment I did several years ago on the other side of the world. Some moments become even more beautiful when rediscovered.


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