Moments – Silent Friendships

Friendships come in many different types and forms, and some can change and shift over time. I like to think that every person you meet changes you in some way, even if it is a smile you exchange with a stranger over the course of a few seconds. Each friendship is different and can alter course in different periods of your life.

Friendships with animals are particularly special. These aren’t based so much on shared interests or blood ties or circumstance. To me they are based on sharing comfortable silences and mutual understanding, without the need for much or any communication beforehand. Of course human friendships have this too, but rarely does this happen as quickly as it does with animals.

This woman playing an accordion on the street shared a moment of silent friendship with the absolutely majestic St. Bernard at her feet. They seemed to be in perfect harmony with each other, simply happy where they were because they were together.


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