Thoughts – The Limitless Universe

Sometimes I keep thinking the same thoughts because they are so baffling to me, and my mind keeps returning to them time and time again. One of my favourite things to ponder about is the universe and the stars and planets and extraterrestrial life.

Some things I read may not be completely accurate, of course, but they remain interesting theories. Here are some of my favourite things to wonder about:

  1. Apparently there are 10 times more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on earth. And there are more atoms in a single grain of sand than there are stars in the universe.
  2. The relativity of time. It just blows my mind how time works.
  3. The Fermi paradox. Statistically there is a high probability that there are numerous other habitable planets with developed ‘intelligent’ life due to the sheer size of the universe, however we have not had contact with aliens yet. This could be because extraterrestrial life is either extremely rare or because such civilisations have not managed to contact us.

These thoughts fail to bore me and I keep returning to them.


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