Untranslatable Words – Gezellig 

To me, the word gezellig, or gezelligheid, is the epitome of Dutch culture. It has numerous meanings and can be used in a variety of contexts. It can mean fun, coziness, comfort, conviviality, someone belonging, quality time spent with loved ones, seeing a friend after a long absence, general togetherness that gives one a warm feeling. It is a vibe from a positive atmosphere that you share with others, making  you feel happy and content to be in that particular moment. Here are a few contexts you could use it in:

  • describing a cosy, inviting room, perhaps with soft lighting and candles
  • describing an entertaining, pleasant and charismatic person who brings you joy
  • describing a fun party with close friends
  • visiting grandparents and spending time drinking coffee and tea with your family
  • having pre-dinner drinks on an outside terrace, sharing jokes and laughing with your family and friends

To me, its the feeling of home which I find when I spend time with people I love and share a connection with, that moment when all the worries melt away and you are just enjoying the company of other beautiful souls.

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