Moments – Morning Cuddles with Bruno

This was probably one of the best moments of my week. I went down to sit and work a bit in the conservatory, expecting to concentrate in silent solitude for a few hours before the rest of the family was up.

I had forgotten that my cousin was dog-sitting Bruno, a coffee-with-milk coloured French bulldog who was not allowed to go up to the bedrooms upstairs. He was good natured, energetic and always up for a game of tug of war, patient with everyone, and eager to cuddle whenever the opportunity for this presented itself.

As soon as I came down he looked at me with his eager wide set eyes, relieved at having company again after the long and quiet night. I sat down on the sofa, and he didn’t even need an invitation to jump up and sit right next to me, leaning against my legs and dozing off contently. After a few minutes he began snoring softly and he must have started dreaming since he began running in his sleep, his muscles jerking occasionally.

After a while I stretched out my legs, carefully making sure not to disturb the peaceful sleeper, unintentionally  scootching slightly further away from him. He realized this almost immediately. Opening his eyes slightly, and with a decisive and somewhat exasperated snort, Bruno moved back towards me and placed his head on my lap again.

Apparently morning cuddles are not optional.

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