Changes to wanderingtravelographer

I haven’t written anything for this blog for a few years, mainly because I was extremely busy with finishing the IB and applying to universities, and then with settling into university, and then life and any other excuses I use to justify my absence. I have decided to change the style of my blog a little bit to fit my character more, since I feel that I have grown out of the blog that once was and I want to try out a different style.

I’m calling it saudade, which in Portuguese means ‘a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves’, which I think is a beautiful and inspiring concept. It will be a mix of magical realism and impressionism, but then in writing and through photography. Don’t ask me how I got this into my head, I just did.

There are seven new categories on this blog. Daily Magic. Inspiring People. Moments. Poetry. Thoughts. Travel. Untranslatable Words. Sometimes I will post a photograph with accompanying text, other times just a photograph which conveys my thoughts more than any words would be able to. All photographs are my own unless stated otherwise, and most will be taken on a phone camera for convenience.

Also, after thinking a lot whether to delete my previous posts or not, I have decided against it, since the pictures are still aesthetically pleasing and it would be a shame to erase all my memories and impressions the world made on me at a younger age. I feel that it is important to keep in touch with your younger self to remind oneself how you’ve grown and changed. We are constantly growing as humans, and its interesting to keep track of this. Although I was not that young when I started this blog, I feel that I have grown mentally quite a bit (still a child at heart though) and become a very different person over the past few years and even months, but maybe that’s just me. (Also I use much fewer exclamation marks, smileys and ellipses because that’s just plain annoying and makes me cringe slightly).I also really missed this blog and the creative output it let me have. My writing may be rusty since it has been a while since I have written creatively, but this will improve again with time.

So now I present to you an updated, perhaps slightly more original form of my blog. I do not know how often I will be posting, but my resolution is to do something creative every day. Enjoy, and do not hesitate to come back with any feedback, comments, or thoughts.

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