The villa I’m staying at has a little garden and occasionally you can see some life: animals crawl tentatively out of their holes and explore the territory.



One time, a huge toad leapt into the swimming pool: it was fat and covered in warts and whenever it blinked its eyelid stuck to its eye and a sticky goo came out… No wonder nobody wanted to swim in the pool afterwards! However, there was something grotesquely mesmerising about this toad, as if it knew everything that was going on and looked down upon us humans like we were merely little specks of dirt. It was a very brave toad, I have to say. But enough about toads: lets get on with my favourite insects: dragonflies.

I really don’t like insects much, I’m scared of most of them, all except butterflies and dragonflies. Even butterflies are so cliche but dragonflies… they are simply fantastic.One morning the whole garden was full of them, so of course I took out my camera and tried to take a few photos. It wasn’t easy at all. They kept moving away anytime I came near or they blended in completely with the background. It took a lot of patience to get the right timing and angle of light to photograph these beautiful creatures.

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