The peaceful Aix-en-Provence

I’m on holiday in the south of France at the moment and I thought I’d share some photographs with you. 🙂

The photographs above are from a local french marche, one of those early morning ones with so many products your head starts to spin. The fruit is fresh and you can smell it several feet away, the soft, deep-purple figs and the rosy-pink ripe peaches lie in piles next to the hills of green haricots-verts and the red tomatoes.

There are all kinds of cheese and sausages that look strange but smell heavenly (well some of the french cheese also smells weird, to be honest). You want to buy everything but there is only so much you can carry…

And here are a few photos of Aix-en-Provance. It’s a small but charming little town you have to visit if you’re in the neighbourhood. The streets are narrow and winding with tall buildings towering over your head. Small shops sell towels, soap and lavender which all looks cute and cozy. Fresh pastry and croissant smells waft up your nose as you walk into the Boulangerie-Patisserie, which is already full of people.

Outside there is an old church with colourful stained-glass windows and rows of chairs for people to sit on. It smells faintly of candles and dampness and inside it is a little bit dark, but enough to see people quietly strolling about the place, deep in their own thoughts. You can only hear the occasional whisper or muffled cough, everything is peaceful.

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