Meet Kai…

I want to introduce you to the most wonderful animal on earth: my cat, Kai. I found him as a kitten at my dacha two years ago, and I simply could not let him go. He is really sweet, even though he does like to play-fight and bite sometimes…

Honestly, I thought cats were arrogant and independent, but Kai taught me that this is not so. He is as loyal as any dog and understands everything that goes on at home. You can see it in his eyes and it’s just strange that he doesn’t talk!

4 thoughts on “Meet Kai…

  1. Kai est super mignooooooon !!!!
    Il a de beaux yeux 🙂
    Tu as raison, les chats ne parlent pas mais grâce à leurs yeux nous connaissons leurs sentiments. Souvent cela signifie «J’ai faim !», «Miam» (Yummy) ou encore «laisse moi dormir» 🙂
    Mais c’est incroyable de pouvoir comprendre des êtres vivants sans avoir besoin d’ouvrir la bouche !

    Et non, tous les chats ne sont pas arrogants ^^
    Sauf mon chat 😛 elle me regarde d’un air snob et me regarde de haut, hihi!


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