Dacha Days!

Every weekend, I go to the dacha with my family. It is a simple summer house far away from Moscow with its busy streets, crowds of people and polluted air. Instead you encounter nature in its purest form: the never ending forest, the cool river, tweeting birds.This is a cool place to take photographs although I regularly get bored there: no internet, friends or interesting exhibitions to visit… However, I must admit it is sometimes beautiful there 😀

2 thoughts on “Dacha Days!

  1. Wahouuuuuu !!!!! La nature autour de ta dacha est belle !
    Comme tu le dis si bien, ĂȘtre privĂ©e d’internet, d’expositions, de ses amis est embĂȘtant mais rien n’Ă©quivaut la beautĂ© naturelle de ce monde !
    Je suis contente d’avoir rencontrĂ©e Emil 🙂 Quel age a-t’il ?


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