The Eccentric Salvador Dali

A few days ago, my friend started talking about how fascinating the painter Dali was, and I just nodded my head, not finding this particularly interesting. You see, the last time I thought about Dali was when I was about ten, and his paintings just seemed a little strange to me, so I was not particularly fond of this artist. However, when my friend just casually mentioned he had an anteater as a pet, I was awestruck. Talk about idiosyncratic pets 🙂 !

Being intrigued by this artist, I immediately looked up all sorts of interesting facts about him: this Spanish Surrealist painter turned out to be very amusing!

Actually, Dali didn’t have a pet anteater, even though he was seen walking around with one on a leash. Where on earth did he get it,I wonder? Probably in the zoo.

When he was a young boy, Dali had a bat for a pet, which is also exotic, and later on he had a pet ocelot, which is like a wild cat. The ocelot’s name was Babou and Dali regularly took him to all sorts of places like Parisian cafes. I even read that one time, when a woman started to fuss about because there was a wild animal in the cafe she was sitting in, Dali calmly told her Babou was merely an ordinary house cat, whom he had painted in the ‘pop-art’ style. The woman believed him because, after all, he was Salvador Dali…

Dali was born on the 11th May 1904, in Spain, nine months after the death of his elder brother, who had had the same name as him. Throughout his life, Dali was led to believe he was the reincarnation of his deceased brother, and this theme can be seen in many of his paintings.

Dali had an intense fear of grasshoppers and of exposing his feet, which seems absurd! Also, he designed the Chupa Chups logo!

Dali’s most famous painting is probably the ‘Persistance of Memory’: an image of melting clocks which is actually tiny, being about the size of two postcards!

I still cannot get over the photograph of Dali casually strolling around Paris, holding an anteater on a leash. Even though I like some of his paintings (some are exceedingly creepy), I think I like the type of person he was even more.

“There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad.”

Salvador Dali

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