The Thai Night Market

Every year, my family and I go to Thailand, and one of the most fascinating experiences there is the night market. I chose to write about this in my first post because there is something really fascinating about markets — the vast variety of products, the people, the busy mood… It’s simply charming! Especially at night, when everything looks beautiful and more magical than during the day.

As I come from Europe, I was surprised by the myriad of fruits and vegetables I had not seen before. Every fruitbursted with unique favours and there were vegetables of various colours. Locals strolled leisurely around the market, the merchants trying to persuade their customers to buy their food.

2 thoughts on “The Thai Night Market

  1. Tes photos me donnent faim ! Les légumes et petits plats thaïlandais ont l’air vraiment délicieux 😀
    Le marché semble magique.
    Si on me disait que des petites fées vivent ici, je te répondrais : ça ne m’étonne pas !


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